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Refreshed Feeling
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ProConnect silicone bands are infused with the purest form of negative ions.

Our hectic modernized world generates an over abundance of positive ions. Positive ions make us feel tired, depressed and irritable. The worlds most tranquil and refreshing regions are loaded with billions of negative ions. Air near waterfalls, mountains, beaches and forests are among those places where ionization levels are in balance.After a lightning storm, most of us feel invigorated and refreshed. The storm has generated trillions of negative ions that ease tension and leave us full of energy. Scientific studies have shown that atmospheres charged with negative ions relieve hay-fever and asthma symptoms, seasonal depression, fatigue and headaches. It's also been shown that negatively ionized atmospheres improve performance of voluntary movement, increase work capacity, sharpen mental functioning, and reduce error rates. Negative Ions are beneficial to the human body.