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ProConnect Ti Series

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Introducing our New Revolutionary ProConnect Ti Series with very unique differences to allow optimal style and comfort. ProConnect Ti Series include our Proprietary Negative ion infused silicon, Negative ions have been shown to include many benefits for your overall health. Titanium strips on the interior , Titanium has been shown to help with better blood flow and circulation. Interior Acupressure feature may assist with Motion Sickness and Jetlag, and Finally our two ProConnect holograms, many users have reported better balance, flexibility and strength. Try one today. All ProConnect Products carry a Unconditional 30 day Money Back Guarantee! *SIZING CHART*

Pro Connect Reviews

(335 Ratings, 6 Reviews) Average Rating:
Motion sickness relief
charly kemp (seattle) 11/16/2011 9:59 AM
I really like the combination of the acupressure and the negative ions, I have not experienced any motion sickness since i have owned this, I wear it everyday. great product!
John (Maryland) 9/4/2011 5:44 PM
It's awesome
Jessica (US) 8/17/2011 1:49 PM
I just went to the Tekquila mall in Seattle and bought one of these. its awesome! i get motion sickness when im in the van... since i got these i havent had any problem. i find these way better than powerbalance. powerbalance only has a freaking hologram thats it i call that a fail. proconnect is the best wristband out there XD they made my day.
Emily Marks (portland) 6/21/2011 1:58 PM
I have noticed a difference with my energy levels at work from wearing these bands. I never take it off and my sleeping has improved, I dont find myself waking up as often. Overall I usually feel good when i am wearing my band. I wanted to say thank you for these great products.
Helps me
angela paxson (fl) 4/20/2011 3:20 PM
I usually get motion sickness alot i work part time on a charter ship. I have had my ti band for the past 2 weeks and have not experienced any motion sickness which is amazing!! I am very happy with the product and have recommended it to alot of my co-workers.